Let the spiral commence!!

My name is Michelle and I believe the upward spiral is a powerful concept to fulfilling anyone’s fitness potential! It makes me sad that so many people get discouraged and quit because there is so much disinformation. The simple fact is this: every little bit counts! So I would like to share my journey and hopefully hear about yours as well.

By the way, the upward spiral is the idea that if you take your time, do what you enjoy, and DON’T push too hard at first, then you will naturally pick up momentum and the intensity will increase automatically!! I have personally experienced it many times and hope you will join me as we enjoy the benefits that go along with the progress that we make.


One thought on “Let the spiral commence!!

  1. Love this and completely agree! It is very, very easy to discouraged but as long as we pick ourselves back up and keep going we will eventually get there.


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