My new workout!

So lately I decided to shake things up a bit and do something completely new to me! Swimming! I’m a pretty good swimmer (horrible form but I can putz around well enough,) but I never did it for fitness purposes. So I started doing laps on Wed and Fri.

I started with 3 laps. I forgot to warm up and I raced my 10 year-old son doing a front crawl. My mistake! I decided to switch to a back stroke and did 4 laps the next time (don’t want to do too much too soon!) I did 5 laps the next time and 7 after that!

Then I did a little research and found out that I was doing a back crawl, not a backstroke, and due to weak shoulders I decided to switch to the real backstroke. This was on Fri and I did 10 laps!! I kinda lost count so I think I might’ve done 11, but I know I did at least 10!

Anyway, it’s not my fav (that would be zumba on Tues and Thur,) but I know it’s really good for me and gives my son much needed time in the water. I still need to get some good gear (swim cap, goggles, and definitely nose plug!!)  I think I’ll like it more once I don’t have water in my eyes and nose and my significantly long hair contained.  Still, I may enjoy it more than Tabata class…that’s really hard/good!

Can’t wait till warm weather to move my workouts outside!!  I’ve got a mountain bike that I barely road last year just callin my name!!!


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