Today, there were donuts in the break room. Now, normally, I would get one and not be too hard on myself. I deserve to indulge sometimes. For some reason, today I was particularly weak and had 3!!  That’s right 3 donuts!!  No one can justify that (esp. when the person they were for I don’t really like and they weren’t particularly fresh!)  So when it came to Tabata this evening, I had no choice. I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t let myself weasel out of it considering my indiscretion this morning.

Anyway, at least when you’re on the upward spiral, it gets easier to motivate yourself on days like these.  Actually, it often seems that the harder it is to get going, the better the workout and the better you feel when it’s all said and done!

At least tomorrow I have Zumba to look forward to!!!!!


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