Good day

I got to zumba on Tues (yeay!) but didn’t get to swim yesterday. So I double classed this morning (zumba then step aerobics!) I felt really good, esp. when I picked up my swim gear @ Dick’s! Then I had a giant steak with a hard soda for dinner and a piece of pie for dessert! Soooo good! Now I’m stuffed! Why do I do this?

Oh yeah, I work hard cause I like to eat! And I’m not one of those people that can eat whatever I want and not gain an ounce. As a matter of fact it’s a good thing I’m not like that. I would’ve never done all the work to get healthy if I was just naturally skinny. I’m really glad too that I don’t sit or stand still at work, I move constantly. My goal is to live to be 150 (I know a 90 year old who still swims laps!) I guess that when you sit for hours, you can’t undo the damage no matter how intensely you exercise! Case in point… ¬†

Anyway, I’m looking forward to my swim tomorrow (with no water in my eyes and nose!) I’m goin for at least 10 laps (that’s what I did last time.) I guess it takes 28 to be a mile so I have a ways to go, but oh well. Every little bit counts!!!


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