1/2 mile mark = reward!!

So on Thur. I got my swim gear and I broke it in on FrI!! The swim cap and goggle are really nice, but the nose plug doesn’t want to stay on! I think I’ll return it and get the better one.

Anyway, last Fri I did 10 or 11 laps (I lost count,) but w/ the gear this week I bumped it up to 14 laps (that’s the 1/2 mile mark!!) So yesterday I got together w/ a friend and had a girls night out!! Nothing much, just cruizin around, got some dinner, then had a couple of drinks (oh yeah and cookies!)

One of these days, I’m going to try to eliminate the sugar from my rewards. I know it’s horrible, but I’m hooked! Anybody have any suggestions?


3 thoughts on “1/2 mile mark = reward!!

  1. Michelle,

    If you’re trying to eliminate sugar from your reward days; then maybe alcohol can be eliminated or minimized since that actually triggers us to want more sugar. Also, try drinking water with your sweets so that you actually store it as glycogen (ready to go glucose) for your workouts. For example, if you have an evening where you ate sweets or sugar substance, drink lots of water with it. The next day, you’ll equipped with ready glucose to do your workout.

    Stevia is a good replacement for sugar. I use it with everything. :O))

    My fitness handbook has a lot of info on overall fitness/health as I’ve been doing fitness for over 4 decades. So, if you’re ever interested just click on it’s link or go to amazon and/or barnes and noble. It’s on kindle/nook and paperback.

    You got this Michelle! In John10:10, God says that Jesus came so that we would have an abundant life in every area and that includes health.

    Abundant blessings, Emma


    1. I actually need to eliminate sugar and grains from ALL days! I don’t drink much, so it’s not a big issue specifically. I’ve gotten much better at staying hydrated though. I also take lots of supplements and no medications!

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