Birthday break

So these last couple of weeks have been very busy!! I had a very good week last week, did 16 laps on Weds, 18 on Fri and zumba 2 days! Other than the occasional  slipup, my eating was pretty much under control too. This week I got a call on Tues that zumba was cancelled and it was all downhill from there! We did go tubin last night, that was fun! And I decided that since this is my 6th week of working out, it’s a logical time to have a break (you should every 6-8 weeks take a week off, like you should have 1 day off every week.) But I’ve eaten cookies, cheesecake, chocolates, and a muffie (it’s a muffing top, I didn’t know they existed until today when I walked into Panera!!)

Today I finally caught up on email (significantly harder now that I’m following some very interesting bloggers!) So I rewarded myself with a body wrap and a much needed update on my Blog!

I must admit, too, that I’ve been a little jealous of my hubby. He’s been writing poetry and getting great responses! I’m really glad for that, just sad that my writing is so rusty that I haven’t been able to come up with anything more profound than a running tally on my struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I’m trying to be patient. I know that just writing on anything will help get me back into it (and I’ve enjoyed commenting on some of your posts!) I think I want to eventually start another separate blog for creative writing, rants, and whatnot. Someday, I’ll have the time and energy!! For now, I’m practicing my skills and looking forward to my goal of losing 10 lbs (not an easy task @ 41!)


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