Prayer For Mar. 3rd

Let us all agree!!

Hello, Friends! Here is the prayer for today… Dear Lord, The days are passing by so quickly… like the blink of an eye. Truly our days are like a vapor. Help us to make the most of this …

Source: Prayer For Mar. 3rd


One thought on “Prayer For Mar. 3rd

  1. I went through several shifts in my prayer life and to this day it still keeps changing. At first it was forgive me and gimme, gimme, gimme. Then it moved to asking for more gifting repeatedly until I realized I was getting everything I asked for if I just had a little faith. Then it moved into more of a revelatory sequence. These days I spend a little time probing the mind of Yahweh and then just moving in His will. These partnership prayers are powerful and always answered, as I attune to His will first.
    A funny thing happened in the process of all of this. I don’t know how Yahweh wishes for me to pray until I tune in to the Spirit’s leading.
    There isn’t much prayer for leaders. There isn’t much prayer for churches or institutions. It seems like Yahweh’s focus is elsewhere… on the bigger picture. Today it seems as if it is on present revelation and moving obstacles out of the way. It is just a very interesting process.

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