Double Zumba!!!

So I went to breakfast with my mom today and had a delicious Mexican omelet with hashbrowns and rye toast. I usually don’t eat breakfast but it sure was good! It fueled my first Zumba class quite nicely! I did have a few spinach and garlic crackers (a small handful dipped in hummus!) this afternoon,Β then another round of homemade chicken burritos for dinner!! This fueled my second Zumba class very nicely as well!!

I also started some bone soup (yummm!) and made a beautiful salad! I know if I keep lots of good, nutritious food made, it’s helps me eat better.

It was kind of a banner day actually cause my husband and I went and got our licenses renewed and after 3 tries (they were pretty slow:), I actually got a good picture! This was on top of changing my name and address which have both been wrong for a couple of years now!

I did do a little micromanaging at work via text, but I’m hoping that I won’t walk into chaos in the morning as a result!

BTW, the evening class was at a private studio that my mom got me a groupon for at Christmas. They also do TRX, kettle balls,Β and pilates. She told me I can take any of the classes! I’m so excited to take TRX and it’s been a while since I’ve done kettle balls or pilates, so this is gonna be great!!


5 thoughts on “Double Zumba!!!

    1. Take a carcass (I usually use a couple of chickens, but sometime I have turkey,) add water (or broth,) add about a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and all the veggies you can muster, bring to a boil then simmer for 24 to 48 hours. You can just take the bones out or strain out all the solids and just keep the broth. It’s delicious either way. I like to freeze it in cubes to add to roast or soup or anything else to add flavor and nutrients. It’s a good food source of all your trace minerals.

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