Some Tabata for me!!

Tabata @ the Y…Fat makes you fat. Nothing could be further from the truth!…krill oil for omega 3’s…

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Mixed bag

This week I had some good workouts (and some missing!) I did TRX on Tues and was sore for 3 days (yay!) My husband talked me out of swimming on Wed. and I didn’t have Zumba on Thur morning cause it’s break week @ the Y (boooo!) I did do Zumba on Thur night and […]

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The quest for balance

So this past week I wanted to do a cleanse, but failed pretty miserably! I don’t think I ate as much and I did eat more healthfully so I guess that isn’t so bad. I have been struggling these past 2 weeks as temptation seems to be around every corner (cookout @ work!!) I skipped […]

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