The quest for balance

So this past week I wanted to do a cleanse, but failed pretty miserably! I don’t think I ate as much and I did eat more healthfully so I guess that isn’t so bad. I have been struggling these past 2 weeks as temptation seems to be around every corner (cookout @ work!!)

I skipped my second workout on Thur (busy, busy!) and sacrificed my Fri swim day for a date night with hubby (took in a great concert!) A worthy cause! I did manage to get a salad @ dinner!

One of the things I’ve been struggling to balance is my reading/commenting time and my posting time. I still need to catch up on the reading end, but I decided I needed to post or I would never get to it if I waited.

It also occurred to me when I commented on a post recently that I should add some myth busting into my posts! The world of fitness and nutrition has a LOT of misinformation and most people give up trying to figure it out as a result. So here goes…MYTH #1 A calorie is a calorie. This is completely false! Calories from different macro-nutrients (think fats, proteins, etc.) are processed very differently and contain very different micro-nutrients (think vitamins and minerals.) For example: fructose and glucose are both sugars (of course,) but the body treats them very differently. If we are active, we will burn 80% of the glucose and store 20%. The fructose is the exact opposite. This is why high fructose corn syrup is so bad!!! Sucrose (table sugar) is half and half so it kinda evens out, but the burning of the calories is only part of the picture. I think I’ll save the rest for another post!!!

I spent years doing research and want others to benefit from what I’ve found. Hope you find this info helpful!


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