Weekend blowout!!

Another confession!! Yesterday, I started the day off innocently enough (hehe) with one sea salt biscotti (delish!) I had my niece and nephew with us and we decided to stop somewhere for lunch. When I saw that Arby’s had double chocolate and sea salt caramel cookies for $1 (they’re usually $1.50) I couldn’t resist! I totally forgot that their younger brother was having his 3rd birthday party later! So of course, we had cake and ice cream (and chips and pop, oh my!!)

As bad as yesterday was, today was almost just as bad! I had a good morning at work, but then we went to my nephew’s band concert (he’s in 5th grade!) How was I to know there were going to be cookies (giant trays of them!!) I only had one at first, but then when we passed by the table again, I couldn’t resist another. Still not that bad, but outside they were serving up free scoops of ice cream! I searched among the vanilla and found the cookies and cream (mmmm.) Don’t you know, that when we got home, after I took a nap (or lapsed into a sugar coma, not sure which,) ¬†and after I ate dinner (brats on pretzel buns with mustard and sauerkraut yummmm,) for some reason I had to eat the little bit of Ben & Jerry’s that I had left from the other day!!!

I did have a good week of workouts (though I skipped my usual 2nd Zumba on Thur cause I had to work!) I did lose a couple lbs, but probably just gained them all back (that seems to be the pattern for me!) I’ll have to be extra good this week to make up for my indulgent weekend!

So today I think I’ll bust an exercise myth. Most people think you have to do at least an hour of exercise at a time to get any benefit. This is absurd!! Even 5 or 10 minutes of activity is good for you! In all reality, it’s more about minimizing your sitting time than exercising a lot. If you sit a large part of the day, you can’t undo that damage even if you work out intensely!! So get moving and keep moving is the goal. If you sit at work, get up every half hour or so and stretch your legs, pace when you’re on the phone, fidget even, every little bit counts!


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