1 mile mark!!!

Short post today as I’m a little tired. I’ve been swimming 3/4 mile for a couple of months now. My son got in trouble so I left him home tonight when I went to the Y. Since I wasn’t worried about getting him home and in bed on a school night, I decided to take a little more time and try and eek out that last 1/4 mile. I did it!!

What I’ve been doing once or twice a week for a good month now is 21 laps; 2 warm-up, 9 with the first length high intensity and the second recovery, the next 8 reversed, with 2 cool-down laps. It takes me an hour. Today I did 2 warm-up, 9 same as always, then 9 reversed, then every other lap I did a high intensity second length (knew I wouldn’t make it if I kept up the same pace!) That’s how I made it all the way to 28! It took me an hour and 20 minutes, exactly what it should have. I think I may do it again on Fri!

I’ll be able to continue doing the full mile as my son will be done with school soon and we can go earlier (cause I don’t really want to stay later;)

I will resume busting myths next time. Cheers!!!


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