A week off!

I try to schedule these things, but sometimes they just happen on their own. I guess I probably needed it. My hubby talked us out of swimming last Fri (I hate when he does that, it’s hard to deny him!) Then last night we went to an event called “Hack the Arts.” It was worth missing zumba, but here’s the really shocking thing. I won’t be doing zumba at all this week!! Tomorrow, I’ve decided I want to hit the trails on my mountain bike instead! I’m so excited! I don’t think I went at all last year (and only a couple of times the year before that!) Too, I did get my standard 3/4 mile swim in tonight so this week I’m not really doin too bad!

This weekend, was rough with mother’s day and all! Seems like every time there’s a holiday, especially if it honors your truly;), I lose all control for at least a week! I start indulging for the whole weekend, and before I know it, I’m having a hard time leaving off!! I find myself caving to chips and candy and all sorts of goodies (or baddies really!) We did miss my sister’s cookout (we came too late to eat!) so I didn’t do all that bad on mother’s day itself. Perhaps I’m trying to make up for it!!

OK, another exercise myth: steady state cardio is the way to go, you should push yourself as hard as you can for an hour straight! No no no!! First of all, you can get more intensity in short bursts than you can if you try to sustain. This works your heart and lungs harder and more efficiently thus dramatically improving your stamina. Also, ┬áit’s not as time consuming. You can be done in 20 min if you do it right. For example, the actual Tabata protocol involves 4 high intensity intervals and only takes 8 minutes!! The Japanese scientist who came up with the protocol used Olympic level athletes! If you can go more than the 20 seconds you’re supposed to, or you can do more than a couple, you aren’t doing it right!!

Anyway, hope to post more often. Perhaps even a couple on my other blogs!! On the bright side, I’ve been keeping up on my reading! If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to do some research if I don’t already know the answer! Keep in touch!


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