a different kind of workout!

So things didn’t go exactly as planned this week. I didn’t get my bike ride in, but that was my fault! I’m not really a good planner, so I tend to do things at the last minute. My hubby didn’t have time to get the bikes ready so I had to do my back up-Zumba!! Actually it worked out cause I had bought plants that needed to go in the ground so I ended up spending 7 or 8 hours digging up a flower bed full of weeds!! I was definitely sore the next morning!

I also got my 3/4 miles in Wed and Fri! It’s so hard to get both of those in for some reason!

My food intake hasn’t been too bad. Definitely had some bread and a couple other small treats, but nothing too extravagant! I have been rock solid on my supplements, so I’m feeling pretty good!

OK, time for another myth. A lot of people think that sugar is OK in moderation. I wish this one were true!!! If it were simply a matter of empty calories that needed to be burned off, I’d be good as gold with my activity level! Too bad there’s more to it than that. Sugar is processed in your body in a similar way to alcohol! The big difference is that alcohol is partially processed in the brain which causes inebriation, whereas sugar is processed solely by the liver. I think this explains that recent confirmation that sugar is addictive! Anyway, this means you can expect to experience all the ill health effects of alcohol, like liver disease (ever heard of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease?) Even IF the main problem with sugar was the calories, there would still be the issue of empty calories crowding out nutritious food. I know sometimes I can eat quite a bit, but most of the time, I don’t need THAT much (I once used a metabolism calculator and it said I need a whopping 1200 calories even if I was exercising intensely…Not Fair!!) Now, I don’t think this takes into account that my resting metabolism is higher than it would normally be as I have built up a fair amount of muscle (which is why I’m convinced that it’s the key to lifelong weight management!)

Anyway, you must keep in mind that diet is a large part to success. If you aren’t fueled properly, you won’t want to workout and what you eat can sabotage your best efforts. Is there any diet and exercise info you want me to address? Feel free to drop me a line!!!


3 thoughts on “a different kind of workout!

  1. Wow 7-8 hours! I bet you were sore…but I also bet you are now admiring all your hard work!! Nature thanks you, and the bees too! I did Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution workout for two and a half years and boy does she whip you into shape. You are correct about your resting metabolism once you get your body into shape it definitely makes a difference. Good luck with your eating and exercise regimen, making it a lifestyle is key!! 🙂

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  2. I agree sugar is not ok, not even in moderation. Unfortunately, trying to avoid sugar is like trying to avoid sunlight – it’s virtually impossible. It’s shocking how we’re just surrounded by sugar. And it really is addictive stuff! It’s specially important to make kids aware of the dangers and get them started on some healthy habits early on.
    Happy to have found you through the Dream Big Meet & Greet! 🙂


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