Goal Setting – make them SMART!

This is a tool that is very helpful. I may expand on it in the future.

Getting Fit For Forty

Goal setting – make them SMART

Ok so let me just point something out before I carry on with this blog post. I at no point confess to be “a fitness guru” nor do I have any qualifications in advising anyone on losing weight or improving their nutritional intake. I do however have possibly 20 years of experience in eating badly, putting on weight, yoyo dieting, committing for short periods of exercise and also trying most things that seem to be “flavour of the month” in weight loss.

Does this qualify me to make basic assumptions and use common sense? You decide!

If you have read my bio on the about page of my this blog, you will have noticed my main and only focus is “Getting Fit for Forty!” I am using this arena to share MY plans, MY ideas and MY methods of getting there. If other people…

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