I’m Baack!

Ok so I took an extended break from writing. As some of you know, we went camping a couple weeks ago and when I got back from that, I had a lot of catching up to do. One task involved sifting through 600 emails!!! Now at one point I had decided that I shouldn’t have to read all of them before I post, but it bothered me having that many. I haven’t actually caught up, I still have about 150. But that is a much more reasonable number.

Onto my update…I’ve been off the health wagon for a couple weeks now as well!! I’m consistently active (camping is a lot of work,) but no real working out since before my vacation. My diet has been a mixed bag as well. There was a lot of junk food (and the trend has continued unfortunately!) But there was tons of good food as well, steak and stew and veggies! I’m getting pretty good at this whole cooking over the campfire thing!!

I shall continue my myth busting next post, but I’d like to hear bout your vacations! Have you been this year, are you planning one now, do you prefer a staycation or going someplace exotic?



3 thoughts on “I’m Baack!

  1. As for our vacations, it could be anywhere or anything. We usually go on whim, or close to it, so generally there’s not too much planning involved.


    1. Most of my life is lived like that, it runs in the family. But we don’t generally take many vacations so we put a lot more thought in them to make them special! Course you don’t have to do a lot or spend a lot to make things special, right?

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      1. Right. It runs the gamut with us. Sometimes it is expensive. Sometimes we will hop on a plane and go to some wanted to see destination, sometimes we’ll opt for a peaceful lake near home. The more expensive, the greater the planning, but oddly, it’s usually, let’s just do that.

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