All Zumba…All the time!!

So I’ve had a hard time focusing lately. I’m having some family over for the forth today and I’ve had to do a lot of cleaning for that (that’s why I have to have company sometimes!!) I also started reading a new book the other day, “Whisper of Fear: The true story of the prosecutor who stalks the stalkers,” out of pure indulgence. I did however get 2 zumba sessions in this week! Hopefully next week I can step it up and get back into my normal groove!!

My diet hasn’t been horrible, but not great. I bought a bag of chocolate covered macadamia nuts (MMMMMM…) yesterday and ate the whole thing!! I didn’t plan on it, I meant to share with my fellows. But they were both bad and didn’t deserve the treat! I did also have a doughnut the other day, but that’s about it. I have gained 3-4 lbs, but it won’t take long to lose them again once I get my discipline back. I have started eating breakfast (rather drinking it,) as I think this will help me not to munch at work.

Alright, how about that myth. Nutrition Myth #4 is that artificial sweeteners are harmless and even necessary for some people (diabetics.) ┬áThis is one of the things that has gotten so many people into trouble!! First of all, it keeps them hooked on the sweet flavor and even increases the desire as the AS are sweeter than regular sugar. Then, it stimulates cravings for carbs and suppresses the hormone that tells your brain that you’re full. Finally, and this point is controversial, since it is a chemical, your body doesn’t really know what to do with it and it can create all kind of symptoms. If you look up side effects of any of them, you will read all kinds of anecdotal evidence. I know that nothings scientifically proven, but only because no one has done the research. There has been establish that there is a correlation between their consumption and obesity. So if nothing else, they will make you gain weight (see first 2 points.)

Do you have any experiences with artificial sweeteners? How do they make you feel? Have you tried to go natural with things like stevia?


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