19 laps

So this week I was a little disappointed when I had to go to work on Tuesday evening and couldn’t go to Zumba. I did however go on Thursday morning. I also swam for the first time in a month yesterday!! I did 19 laps in an hour (I was doing 21, 3/4 mile,) but I wasn’t doing intervals. I decided to take it easy since it had been a while.

I started eating breakfast briefly, but decided to wait till I’ve lost a little weight. I’m not actually hungry in the morning, but I’ve recently seen some research that seems to support the importance of breakfast. I’m going to do some intermittent fasting (only eat during an 8 hour window during the day,) till I’ve dropped a few lbs.

Onto the next myth! This time we’re doing exercise Myth #4– the heavier you lift, the bigger your muscles will get. This is true for a small portion of us. If you have a certain body type this is no myth. But for most girls (and more than a couple guys for that matter,) we won’t bulk up no matter how heavy we lift. What it will do is build lean muscle which will tighten your body all over and increase your resting metabolism. This means you will burn more even when you’re sleeping!! So don’t be shy, lift heavy like the guys (believe me, it feels good to be strong!!)


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