Long time, no post!?

Sorry bout that! I haven’t been commenting much either. Between summer fun (symphony orchestra concert last week,) and not feeling well this week, it’s been kind of a rocky time. Too I must admit to indulging in some good old fashioned reading!

As far as my working out is concerned, it’s been a mixed bag. I’ve been pretty solid doing Zumba 2xs a week, but I talked myself out of swimming this week and didn’t get a bike ride in either. I did do both last week!

So my diet has been the same mixed bag! I haven’t been eating a lot, but some of what I’m eating is really a problem. Yesterday was one of those days that the temptations came all day long and I had no real self control! My coworker brought her cake from her birthday the other day (at least I only had a couple of bites of that!) Another lady retired so they had cupcakes for her (yummmm!) Then my sister is leaving today (she was here for summer break,) and Mom had a dinner for her which included strawberry shortcake!!

I’m skipping out on myth busting for this week (I’m still not feeling great and I want to put some time in on my MANY emails!) Hope you’re having a good summer! I would love to hear what you’ve been up to (we went to a wine tasting and music event a couple of weeks ago!) or what you’ve been reading (I’m reading a book called Gameboard of the Gods, will hold out judgement till I finish, kind of a fun read so far!)


9 thoughts on “Long time, no post!?

  1. Hello !
    Sometimes you don’t feel like writing or something, but its okay. You come back stronger.
    And about that diet, you gotta give in a little but then you get that sense of motivation and eat healthier than ever.
    Be strong ☺️

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  2. Hi Michelle! You know how the story goes: all things in moderation…slow and steady. Those sayings may or may not apply to dieting. :/ I say, treat yourself sometimes. Nobody has to force me to eat a cupcake. If someone brings in cupcakes, better believe I’m having one. πŸ˜€ I like your space, Michelle. Best wishes!

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    1. The theme was the movies so they did everything from Star Wars and Star Trek to Titanic! It was at blossom music center which is an amazing outdoor pavilion with a huge lawn (that’s where we sat.) My sister and I brought out older children (her babies stayed home with dad,) aged 9, 10, and 12. I think they liked it, but not as much as we did!!

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  3. Hope you’re feeling better! Eating right can be so difficult when other people are bringing the goodies around. It seems the wrong foods are always calling your name!


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