I would like to take a moment and make a public apology for some judgmental thoughts I have had about those who suffer from anxiety. In the past, I was for sure that those who had problems with this just didn’t have enough faith and that they should learn to control their bodies (as I know this is a physical ailment.)

In the past couple of weeks, I have had some life circumstances that have caused me considerable anxiety. I won’t go into details, but I don’t think there is a person on the planet that wouldn’t agree that these events are stressful. It started with a few understandable twinges. Like I said, what I was going through made the reason behind these no mystery and I used my breathing to relax so they would go away, which they did.

As time went on, I started noticing more twinges for absolutely no reason. I have continued to consciously relax to combat them, but it’s disturbing that there is no logical reason for them to continue. I have never been one to worry or stress about anything. If there is something that bothers me, I will do something about it if I can and give it to God if it’s beyond my control.

I plan on purchasing some ashwaganda (an herbal supplement) and have already gone back to working out (something I’ve been needing to do anyway.) It has taken me by surprise how it has all of a sudden affected my life. I think I will be able to get past it, but I have a whole new respect and sympathy for those who have prolonged battles. I will keep you posted on how my self-treatment works.

Have you had any life changing bouts with anxiety? What have you done for this problem? What changes have you noticed physically and psychologically as you struggle to regain control?


5 thoughts on “Apology

  1. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my post. You led me here. Sorry to hear you’re dealing with anxiety. Sounds like you’re making good changes to help it. Exercise definitely helps me (I need to get back to that!), and deep breathing helps too. Essential oils can help calm. I like lavender oil. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Take care, Jenny


    1. At 40 years of age, I really thought that something like this couldn’t happen to me. I guess I was wrong! I’m glad that my self-education in wellness will be put to good use.


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