Busy busy busy!

For those of you who read my last post, you know I’ve been going through a lot lately. For those of you who haven’t, suffice it to say that I’ve been dealing with drama on both the home front and at work.

Last week I finally got a reprieve in the form of a mini vacay!! We drove 3 hours away to Hocking Hills and stayed in a cabin for 3 nights! We went hiking 4xs for a total of 6-8 miles, did some mountain biking (4 miles,) and the highlight was a zip-line tour that took a couple of hours!! I got to soak in our hot tub with my morning coffee and a glass of wine at night! It was so beautiful and relaxing!

Since then, the drama at work has mostly dissipated (the cause of it got fired!) Now if only I could get 1 more staff person it would make it a lot easier!

Things aren’t going quite as well at home but we’re moving in the right direction. I’m playing nurse to my husband who is going through some pretty intense stuff. If we get through this next week, things should get much better.

Also my son who just started 5th grade this year has been having a hard time in school. He’s pretty smart (gifted in math in fact,) but at 11 years old, still not very responsible. If he doesn’t serve his 5th detention for missing assignments tonight, he’ll be suspended! At least the new quarter starts next week and he’ll have a clean slate. Hopefully he’s learned his lesson and will turn in all his assignments for the rest of the year!

All this has taken a definite toll on my fitness goals. Since we got back from our little trip, it’s taken a back seat in general. On the other hand, my anxiety seems to be responding nicely to my supplements. I didn’t take any with me last week so I did notice a slight increase after we got back. Since then I’m noticing less and less. I think once I get my exercise regiment back online, I may very well be free and clear!

On the other hand, my diet (and I use this term in a generic sense cause I don’t go on “diets” like some people do,) has been fairly good. I started eating breakfast (a kinda smoothie with lots of goodies like whey protein, mct oil, olive oil, bee pollen, seeds, etc.) and a piece of fruit. I’m trying to increase my healthy fats and go ketogenic (where your body burns fats instead of carbs.) I’ve already noticed a slight reduction of cravings and I don’t think I’m eating as much in general, which is probably why I haven’t gained any weight. Not that I haven’t had more than my fair share of treats! On our little trip, along with some wine, I had chips and ice cream, but not a ton. Since we’ve gotten back, I’ve had a donut and a sundae (not to mention some dark chocolate and the pumpkin roll I just got!) I have been eating more salad and I just made my first batch of chili of the year (I LOVE chili season!!) so we’re definitely getting set up for more success!

As we move into the diet bomb season, are there any tools you use to keep yourself from going completely off the wagon? My self-control tends to wane as the parties and holidays get fired up!!


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