The Thanksgiving Hurdle!

So in the weeks leading up to the big holiday, I found myself joining the junk food junkies in my home in their indulgences. About a week before, I decided to make a concerted effort to correct myself. As a matter of fact, not only did I minimize junk food in particular, but I also brought my total intake down dramatically. The result? At the big feast, I loaded up my plate the way I usually do and could only eat half of it!!! I had successfully shrunk my stomach!

The next day, I freely enjoyed the leftovers of the festivities, but the day after that I started my detox. I was so motivated, that I extended my fast almost another whole day (I had a piece of fresh baked bread that evening!) The result? I lost 5+ pounds!!! Now I know that generally speaking, this isn’t healthy or sustainable. But I think sometimes it’s necessary to do something dramatic to propel ourselves in the right direction.

I still want to lose 5 more lbs., but it will take significantly longer! I’m not one to do the “diet” thing, I an however amping up my exercise program (which had petered out significantly in the last couple of months.)

So how was your Thanksgiving? Are you doing anything to recover from it?


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