Here We Go!!!!!

So I’ve kinda been in maintenance mode for some time as I’ve been indulging a little in other areas (reading, sudoku, and the such!) I sometimes have to be intentional to carve out me time (and it was too hot this summer to do much of anything!!!) Not to mention that my food intake has been a little all over the place.

Well, ever since my little detox after Thanksgiving, I’ve added in my breakfast and I usually eat a salad for lunch. As a result of this intense nutrition, I’ve noticed that my energy is up!!

So today, after Zumba, I decided to do a little lifting! For a while, I was done after class, so I would stretch and go home. Today I felt like I was just warming up! I started with some kettleball squats, then curtsey lunges. I figured I should hit my core, so I did some back and side extensions, leg lifts and sit-ups on an incline. Then I decided that my upper body should get some action so I got a 16 lb ball to slam on the floor and then did squat throws with it. I finished up with kettleball swings and deadlifts (cause my hammys weren’t done yet!) I’m gonna be sore tomorrow!!!

I’ve decided that along with bustin myths, I should give some other tips (cause who has time to do everything the hard way!!!)

Exercise tip #1-isolating muscles is time consuming and less effective. By doing compound moves, you’re doing what’s called functional fitness. This means you are moving your body the way it was meant to work, multiple muscles in tandem.


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