Back in the saddle!

So after a long season of overindulging and neglect (I gained like 5 or 6 lbs.!!) I’m easing back into my normal routine. Classes take a 2 week break at the Y, so of course I did as well. This week I took Turbokick for the first time on Tues (it’s super fun!) and of course Zumba this morning (almost talked myself out of it after a late night at work, but SOOOO glad I went!!) I was going to do a detox (2 in a row as a matter of fact,) but I have failed miserably, due to my own good cooking (homemade lasagna and chili anyone?) What I have managed to do is reduce the general volume and specifically junkfood!! As a result, I am feeling great during my workouts!

I also took a short break from taking my supplements. I don’t think it was necessary as most of them are whole food based, but I’m sure it didn’t hurt. I started back on those on the 1st, of course.

My plan is to take as many classes as I can fit in (cause they’re fun!,) make up an exercise book to use at home including as much of my equipment as I can, try out some of the many DVDs I have purchased but have yet to use, and try out some novel workouts in the community (trampoline, anti-gravity, etc.) I want to have as much fun as do as many different things as possible!!

I have also made up a culinary list to use some of the kitchen equipment that I own. Today I used my breadmaker to make jam! Some of the things I will be making include; dried fruit, yogurt, juice, bread, and of course, jam. I will also be attempting to make and consume on a more regular basis the following; bone soup, salad, tea, etc. I usually try and focus on what I need to include as opposed to just cutting things out!

I will be taking a few personal days in the next couple weeks (cause I earned them!!) I’m hoping to have more time to post and resume my myth-busting! What are your plans for the new year? How are you setting yourself up to succeed? Love to hear from you!!


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