The struggle ensues

So I’ve done great on the exercise front. I’ve gone to classes most days, taken the dog to the dog park, and even walked the dog to get my steps up over 10,000! The only problem is that I’ve also indulged in things like pizza and ice cream! And I wonder why I’m not losing (not really!!) I need to do a detox again as that seems to jumpstart my weightloss and shrink my stomach so I don’t eat as much in general.

As I finish the sizable task of cleaning my office (you can read up on that saga on my sister site I will be creating a workout folder using magazine articles and expanding my class schedule to include classes not at the Y.

Alright, I’m getting back to myth busting as I think misinformation costs much time and effort and can even make people quit trying. Exercise Myth#5-the best way to lose/maintain weight is lots of cardio. Cardio improves your heart and lung capacity and condition. It serves a purpose, but it is not the most efficient way to lose weight, nor is a lot of it the best way to maintain weight. The best way is by lifting as I covered in this┬áprevious post. Boosting your resting metabolism can’t be beat! No matter your form of exercise (and it should vary often,) you will only have the energy, and thus the desire, if you eat lots of nutritious food (and not so much of the junk.)

Have you made resolutions about a healthier lifestyle? How is it going so far? Are you starting to feel the upward momentum (I am!!)? Let me know if you have any question concerning the upward spiral as I believe that it can be the key for anyone to move toward health and away from disease!!!


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